A seminar on halal economy in Cagliari on February 15


Halal economy. Halal cerification as an opportunity for company innovation and internationalization” is the title of the seminar which will take place at Lazzaretto di Cagliari (Conference Room) on Thursday, February 15, at 9.00 a.m..

Institutional greeting will be presented by Mr. Massimo Zedda (Mayor of Cagliari), Ms. Virginia Mura (Regional Councillor for Labour Policies), Ms. Barbara Argiolas (Regional Councillor for Tourism) and Mr. Pierluigi Caria (Regional Councillor for Agriculture). The event is promoted by the Arab-Italian Cooperation Chamber and by ARAFORM training agency.

The programme of the event is the following:

09.45 – 10.00 a.m.           Presentation of the project “Towards the new halal markets”

                                       Mr. Michele Silenu (ARAFORM)

 10.00 – 11.00 a.m.           Halal certification and the new trends of Islamic market  

                                       Ms. AnnaMaria Tiozzo (President of WHAD)

Company internationalization: which are the risks, the opportunities and the prospects for growth

Mr. Nicola Castelli (Manager and consultant – Arab-Italian Cooperation Chamber)                                        

11.15 – 12.30 a.m.           The role of food certifications

                                       Mr. Carlo Scema (President of the Council of agro- technicians)

                                       Opportunities for Sardinia’s agricultural enterprises

                                       Mr. Luca Saba (Director General of Coldiretti)

 Scheduled interventions: the experiences

 Caseificio di Nurri presents its  corporate innovation path in the agrofood sector carried out with the halal certification of its products

                                       Mr. Pala Salvatore (representative)

  The new frontiers of biocosmetics: Juveniis’s example in Sardinia

                                        Mr. Andrea Sorgia (representative)

12.30 a.m.                          Discussion time.


Moderator: Mr. Vito Biolchini (journalist)


“Halal” is an Arab word meaning “lawful”, i.e. everything which is permitted by the Muslim religion. Halal certifications are therefore associated with the Islamic provisions and they certify the conformity of  products to religious dictates. Disciplined by ISO quality standards, they are essential for trade in all the countries of the so-called Halal Economy and, in general, for all Muslim consumers. The “Trade and Halal Productions in Sardinia” Project aims at providing Sardinia’s companies with the opportunity of productive and trade development oriented to Muslim consumers.

By an intervention on the production chain, aiming at raising the awareness of the island’s companies about this issue, the operators’ training will be developed towards the “Halal Economy” markets and the creation of companies which be specialized in this sector. Said intervention will contribute to the growth of Sardinia’s enterprises in the agro-food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and touristic sectors, developing innovative production and commercialization processes for a local and international market which is more and more sensitive to halal certifications.