RASSEGNA STAMPA – Cagliari, III Italian-Arab enterprise bourse kicks off


(ANSAmed) – ROMA – The third international Italian and Arab Enterprise Bourse kicks off at 9:30 am on Friday, March 17, at the Hotel Regina Margherita in Cagliari with the participation of 30 Italian companies and nine Arab firms from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Kuwait and Lebanon. There are 70 business meetings scheduled to present to Arab markets Sardinian food excellence, with an eye on energy, biomedicine and ICT.

The congress on ”Italy and the challenge on foreign markets: Sardinia in the internationalization process of companies” will be attended, among others, by Galal M. El Sawy (minister for commercial affairs of the Egyptian embassy in Italy), Samir Al Kassir (Councilor of the administration of the Italian-Arab cooperation chamber), Silverio Ianniello (Professor of economic and fiscal systems at the University of Trieste), Aldo Berlinguer (a law professot at the University of Cagliari and board member of the Italian-Arab chamber), Antonello Cabras (president of the Sardinia foundation), and Sardinian lawmakers Romina Mura, Ignazio Angioni and Luciano Uras.

Mario Mancini (President of the Italian-Arab chamber of cooperation) and Raimondo Schiavone (Vice President and councilor of the chamber) will open the session.

On Friday afternoon, two workshops will focus on companies.

The first at 4 pm will discuss the Sardinian food industry and its prospects in Arab markets and the second at 5:30 pm will discuss the internationalization of companies in the energy and environment sectors.

The morning of Saturday will focus on Egypt with a gathering on ”Egypt meets Sardinian companies.

The international bourse in Cagliari will organize business-to-business meetings and seminars aimed at the entrepreneurial world, which sets the example at a national level.

”Other regions – said Schiavone – want to offer their own bourse. We are ready to create a network of bourses of the Arab world across Italy, differentiating them by productive segment”. Each region, he concluded, ”is able to have its own bourse with the excellence of its territory”.

Fonte: http://www6.ansa.it/ansamed/en/news/sections/economics/2017/03/14/cagliari-iii-italian-arab-enterprise-bourse-kicks-off_24e75750-6a7d-4e9d-8525-c2f1854c30db.html