The project was funded by the ENPI CBC Med program of the European Union for cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean basin for the period 2007/2013.

GR.ENE.CO arises from the need to improve energy efficiency in the Mediterranean, spreading the use of renewable energy as the main power source, especially at the agricultural level. The promotion of the production and consumption of clean energy (solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric energy) and the improvement of energy efficiency, particularly in agricultural production, can contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating effects of climate change.

The project aims to significantly reduce the dependence of local populations on conventional energy sources. To this end, GR.ENE.CO offers various tools to support farmers in Sardinia (Barbagia di Seulo and the province of Nuoro), Egypt (governorates of Al Iskandariyah and Al Buhayrah) and Lebanon (El Shouf and Monte Lebano) in the adoption of green energy sources.

The Greneco project targeted public administrations, agricultural companies and small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the green energy sector in the three countries. A new professional support figure, the Green energy promoter, has been set up to support agricultural businesses through the creation of training courses.

Lead partner: LAG Sarcidano, Barbagia di Seulo

Partners: University of Alexandria, Arab University of Beirut, Italian – Arab Chamber of Commerce; Chamber of Commerce of Nuoro, Tecnomarche scarl, Science and Technology Park of the Marche region, ITABIA, Italian Biomass Association; Ipsar, Hospitality and Agricultural Institute of Tortolì, Sardinia Region Forest Authority.