NAME Consulting

North Africa and Middle East Consulting Srl was established by the CCIA to complement its institutional activities with an operational capacity, specialized and individualized for the individual company, which intends to export and invest in Arab countries.

The functionality and effectiveness of NAME Consulting, which makes use of a large commercial network and specialized consultants, is supported by the extensive network of relations of the CCIA, together with specific collaboration agreements with SIMEST, INVITALIA, Arab and Italian banks and organizations.

The structure of NAME, divided into the Italian regions and the main Arab markets, corresponds to a plurality of needs of small, medium and large companies:

  • Promotion of products, services, technologies
  • Identification / selection of markets
  • Market analysis and research, technical-economic feasibility
  • Structuring of the export service
  • Foreign commercial function (outsourcing)
  • Identification of customers and partners, selection of agents and sponsors
  • Commercial agreements, sales networks, franchises
  • Foreign direct investments, joint ventures
  • Contracts, BOT, BOO, BOOT schemes
  • Risk assessment and hedging
  • Structuring and optimization of project finance
  • Sale of Italian companies, or shares of companies, to Arab investors
  • Administrative and legal advice in Arab countries

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