innovation labs card progetto

Innovation Labs: business ideas for the internationalization of Sardinia towards foreign markets “is a project, with the contribution of the Foundation of Sardinia, which promotes a training course, aimed at young Sardinians aged between 18 and 30, for the creation of an innovative business idea applied to the most varied production sectors.

Through a tender or a call, the best innovative ideas of aspiring entrepreneurs are selected every year. The first part of the project therefore takes the form of a real competition of ideas: the best are selected to participate in the real “Innovation Labs”.

What is meant by innovativeness? It means originality of the idea, or of some of its aspects, with respect to the context or the state of the art of the reference sector. To be innovative, a business idea must therefore contain elements of differentiation from competitors and therefore, potentially, a competitive advantage.

The workshops are divided into several modules and see the presence, for the various issues addressed, of coaches of proven professionalism called to support young people in the realization of the project. The workshops usually last 4 weeks at the end of which, for each of the young people involved, the internship or internship phase begins in a company in the sector chosen by the young people. An intensive training course that can also lead to an employment contract dedicated to the realization of the idea.

The Italian Arab Chamber of Cooperation supported the idea, product or service in the internationalization process towards foreign markets, with particular reference to the southern shore of the Mediterranean, both in the laboratory phase and in the start-up phase of the business, through meetings with foreign entrepreneurs, missions, participation in international fairs or events for some of the most innovative ideas.

At the end of the various project phases, a public presentation of the project is organized, a final event to illustrate the results achieved.