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“Ideas: the ecosystem of innovation in Sardinia in the Mediterranean” is the title of the project that the Italian Arab Chamber of Cooperation, with the contribution of the Foundation of Sardinia, has carried out on the island with the aim of bringing together various levels, a network of subjects that in recent years has built the so-called regional innovation ecosystem.

Through a series of meetings – face to face and online – we tried to strengthen the process of building the “regional innovation network” with the contribution of new ideas and new contributions capable of contaminating the Sardinian ecosystem and making it more competitive. also in new markets and international scenarios.

The process of elaborating innovative ideas to date excludes many players and continues to have a too local dimension and little inserted in a continental type system on the one hand and a Mediterranean one on the other.

With the IDEAS project we wanted to promote an “open” collaboration between public, private, trade associations and businesses in order to adopt a common strategy in the local process of change, enhancement and innovation ”.

Partner of the project, among others, Opificio Innova, a company that within the Manifattura Tabacchi of Cagliari has created an international innovation hub with the presence of important partners from China and the United States.

8 territorial meetings were held (Cagliari, Olbia, Sassari, Oristano, Nuoro, Tortolì, Carbonia and Sanluri) and 4 webinars with the participation of companies, innovators and startups from Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria and Morocco.

The results of this path were presented during two online events.

On 10 December 2020, the webinar entitled “Global and local ecosystems of innovation” was held. Davide Pellegrini (ANGI), Mariella Stella (co-founder Casa Netural), Vincenzo Filetti (President Association 3040) and Fabrizio Porrino (Facility Live) took part to the event. Moderated by Graziano Di Paola (Opificio Innova).

The second webinar entitled “The ecosystem of innovation in Sardinia” was staged on 11 December 2020, with the interventions of Giacomo Cao (CRS4 – Aerospace District of Sardinia), Ugo Cuncu (UCNET), Diego Teloni (Opificio Innova) and Antonio Solinas (Abinsula). The journalist Alessandro Aramu moderated.