HALAL Certification

Halal   in Arabic means “lawful” and the certification certifies that the products, in the agri-food, cosmetics, health, pharmaceutical, financial and insurance sectors, comply with Islamic doctrine. It is therefore a question of quality, supply chain and product certification. 

In the food sector, Halal certification guarantees that foods, in addition to complying with Italian and European regulations on hygiene and safety, are prepared according to the rules of sharia law. For example, meat, except pork which is prohibited, must be slaughtered according to a precise ritual and drinks must not contain alcohol. 

The CCIA  intends to promote high Italian quality through strict compliance with halal standards. To this end, it avails itself of the collaboration of the Italian Halal Certification Center WHAD – WORLD HALAL DEVELOPMENT, ente   specialized in halal auditing of food, livestock, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.  Organized in   Five  departments (technical, religious, scientific,   academic and legal), has its main office in Verona and is active in   all of Italy.

Specifically, companies can request  the following consulting services:

– Islamic Marketing
– Halal Certification
– Halal and gluten free Certification 
– Islamic friendly tourism
– Halal cuisine
– Halal laboratory test
– Regulations for the registration and marketing of products in Islamic countries 
– Labeling and law compliance 
– Public relations aimed at creating distribution networks
– Organization of local meetings for the identification of specific opportunities and initiatives
– Implementation of seminars, conferences, meetings on the issues of the use of halal certification in internationalization processes       of companies to Arab markets
– Information, cultural and relational initiatives aimed at developing knowledge of halal certification and opportunities     in the Arab markets