Service company NAME Consulting - شركة الخدمات Name Consulting

North Africa and Middle East Consulting Services

Orientation to export

  • Analysis of a company’s export potential for products and services and orientation of its export activity in relation to its goals and assets.
  • Identification of accessible export markets, on the basis of a comparative analysis of the products imported by each Arab country, of the Italian specialization, of the typology of competition and the shape of the market.
  • In-depth analysis of market/sector for large-scale launch of products and for projects that require large investments.



  • Identification of business opportunities in Arab countries, carried out through NAME consulting’s business network, its links with buyers and its service for tender and requests for goods.
  • Promotion of products, services, technologies, company brands, through events, advertising campaigns, introduction to potential client groups and organisations, presence on mass media, participation to exhibitions.
  • Research and selection of local agents and partners on the basis of criteria such as credibility, expertise, sectoral specialization.
  • Creation of sales networks through agency mandates, agreements with existing operators and networks, franchising contracts.
  • Search for public and private customers, through NAME consulting’s business network and specific commercial intelligence activities.
  • Search for suppliers of raw materials, semi-finished, products in Arab countries, of interest for Italian companies.
  • Complete assistance to small enterprises: outsourcing of all or part of the functions of the sales/marketing functions (exploration, commercial promotion, negotiation of orders, contracts, facilitations, fundings, insurance, certifications, customs, transportation, etc.) or temporary management.


  • Identification of requests and opportunities through NAME consulting’s business network and its partners, by monitoring of public programs and pre-qualification notices.
  • Assistance in the participation to tenders with informative, technical, regulatory, procedural support.
  • Search for partners for the participation to tenders opened to international competition, definition of agreements with local companies for contracts and subcontracts.

 Direct investments and joint ventures

  • Comparative analysis for the identification of destination markets: market research, production costs, business plans, technical-economic feasibility studies.
  • Analysis of requests and commercialopportunities in Arab countries.
  • Search and selection of local partners for the creation of joint ventures.
  • Search for investors in Arab countries for direct investments, business acquisition, partnership.

 Negotiation and contracts

  • Assistance during commercial negotiations, based on qualified experts and the necessary information support.
  • Preparation of contracts and assistance during negotiations for the supply of goods and services, agency mandates, know-how transfer, patents and trademarks, franchising agreements, creation of joint ventures, cross investment, BOO, BOT and BOOT schemes, etc., with high qualification professionals, with knowledge and experience of the local rules.

 Risk assessment

  • Analysis of country risks and risks related to specific projects.
  • Commercial information related to the reliability of partners, clients, agents, sponsors.


Financial facilities, funds, insurance

  • Access to financial facilities available in Italy (capital participation in Italian companies abroad, venture capital funds, funds for feasibility studies, programs for commercial penetration, participation in international contracts), in Arab countries and in Arab and international organisations.
  • Financial monitoring - structuring and optimization of the project finance, of funds for direct foreign investments and of export credit.
  • Insurance - assistance and consultancy for the identification and contracting of the most advantageous insurance for international activities